Hodir 25 Hard mode !!

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Hodir 25 Hard mode !!

Message  Izi le Jeu 9 Juil - 15:38

Voila le lien qui tue !!!




NEws :



Here are the highlights I got from this video and reading the various replies up to this point on this thread and which I added to our guild website:

Initial Pull

Misdirect & tricks of trade etc to help tank build initial threat lead

Break out NPCs in order of


Once they are out, mark the mages so that they can quickly be identified to immediately be broken out after flash freezes

Basics still apply

Don't get hit by Flash Freeze
Don't get hit by Icicles
Don't get hit by anything avoidable
Move to take off the debuff if not by a toasty fire


Video they opt to keep Hodir stationary to control NPC location in the corner and allow ranged to maximize DPS and easily utilize starlight at all times. If we take this approach we would initially keep him near the melee breaking out NPCs for aoe DPS and then kite to the back right corner.

Not sure if that would work best or if we would prefer to constantly kite him to starlight allowing melee to benefit as well, something we need to figure out for our selves

Flash Freezes

After the initial pull only break out the mage NPCs after each flash freeze and assign two groups of ranged DPS to do this as quickly as possible
Once the mages are freed they will quickly free all the remaining NPCs

MT tip, have the mages/locks/casters go ALL OUT right when Flash Freeze is coming and when it has 1 second to dropping off taunt to gain a huge threat lead

Important points

Ranged should take advantage of fires ONLY IF it does not impede their DPS.
Ranged should ALWAYS be in starlight
Stormcloud buff from NPC shaman are the most important buff in the encounter. Only 6 people affected by it at a time and all individual cooldowns should be used when buffed with it. Try to keep ranged separated into two groups in different starlights, so if a healer gets the buff they would run to the closest ranged group to buff them

Point of no return

Call off DPS if unable to reach this damage benchmark in order to make the hardmode achiev.
55-60% @ 1.5 minute marker
If not 20% or below @ 35 second marker call a wipe

Raid Comp

TankSpot video only used 3 healers to maximize DPS. Healers keep in mind the fight will only be 3 minutes so they can time their mana usage accordingly.


Save Bloodlust/Heroism for the last 50 seconds so we know where we stand in the fight and can wipe it if needed
Use speed potions when initially breaking out the NPCs on the pull.
When only 35 seconds left on the timer, do not break any NPCs out after flash freeze, just burn Hodir.
We already downed Hodir hard mode in our 10 man the other day without any issues really but our DPS was fairly substantial with even me as the OT switching to my off-spec DPS gear doing 6.1k dps in a 10 man. For 25 and the various buffs available, should have lowest DPSers all well over 5k chasing the high end caster mages/locks/etc up around 11-13k.
If you disagree with anything or if I left anything out please feel free to point it out


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Re: Hodir 25 Hard mode !!

Message  Tiräzielle le Jeu 9 Juil - 18:29

lol tendu ils parlent que de 3 ou 4 healers au max :s

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